Our long term relationships, from the previous 14 years, of constructing dental clinics, medical offices and commercial properties has created the best of the best in our management and operating systems with specific goal in mind, delivery of your project on time and most important on budget.

West Vinci Management Team

Ali Hedjrani

Chief Executive Officer at West Vinci

Hedayat Kalantari

General Manager at West Vinci

Employing the latest and most modern methods of construction, West Vinci ensure that the ever changing planning requirements; regulations, funding; method of build; timescales; financial risk and deliverability certainty, are always navigated smoothly. Repeat Business through absolute client satisfaction has been at the core of WEST VINCI since 2006.

Over the decade, we have remained ahead of the ‘Red Tape Curve’ ensuring modern issues such as Environmental and Energy efficiency targets, from inception through the life cycle of the construction project, are always achieved inside client budgets.

Our ‘Can Do Attitude’ working collaboratively with all parties, on design, program, planning, risk management, building techniques and timescale optimization, allows us to deliver real value to the project and life cycle thereafter. We are proud of our Health and Safety approach and with accident statistics significantly below the national average, clients are assured they are in safe hands.

Ensuring that our quality management system provides a framework for the management and control of our activities for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety.

Ensuring that all company policies and procedures have the full support of senior management. Continually monitoring and reviewing our Quality Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective to the changing needs of our customers.

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