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Looking for up to $100,000

Loan to upgrade/ renovate and maintain your house?

Are You Short of Money to Upgrade and Maintain Your House? Are You Looking for Up to $100,000 Loan for Renovation?

We at West Vinci are proud to be serving people for many years with building their dream homes and providing financial loans for house renovation and maintenance. We are the top-rated and most trusted Luxury Custom House Builders in Ontario, and we offer up to a $100,000 loan for your house renovation and maintenance. Obtaining home equity loans has never been easy, and getting turned down by banks is a common problem. We help people in Ontario bring home equity loans even if they have been turned away by the bank for a loan. We will find the financing you need to upgrade your house. We have limited applications, so hurry up and secure your loan.

Secure Up to $100,000 Loan for House Renovation

(We have limited applications — First Come, First Served!)

Building your dream home has never been easier

Having a home is everyone’s dream. Building a new house or tearing down and rebuilding an old house is way more expensive and time-consuming than renovation and extensive upgrading. If you are looking for a cheaper solution for your needs, it always gets recommended to buy an affordable old house and renovate it according to your requirements. According to a study, even a whole-house remodel is around 20% cheaper than constructing a new home from scratch.

If you face a shortage of financial resources to maintain your house or remodel an old property, you are not alone. West Vinci will not leave you alone in this trouble. Our exclusive loan service is for everyone who wants to upgrade or carry out needed maintenance of their existing house or looking to renovate an old house they recently bought. We can get you as much as a $100,000 loan for home renovation and maintenance works. Besides unparalleled and reliable construction and renovation services, you can count on West Vinci for getting the financial support you need for your house renovation. We will get you a loan even if you are turned away by a bank in Ontario. Our exclusive house renovation loan services will take care of all the process, from securing a loan of as much as $100,000 to using it efficiently to renovate your house. Come first and get served first since we have a limited number of applications. Sign up for our services and leave the rest to us. West Vinci will take care of everything from start to end, and you will get a smartly renovated house with a West Vinci guarantee.

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How does it work: 

Applying for a loan and securing it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with West Vinci.

Step-1 Contact Us

Please apply online by filling up the form or call us to talk to one of our representatives. Our team of cooperative and friendly professionals and advisors will understand your needs and budget and will guide you through our simple application process.

Step-2 Follow The Process

Follow our simple application process to successfully qualify for the best loan offer according to your needs.

Step-3 Receive Funds

Once the paperwork gets completed, it won’t take more than 3-5 business days to receive your funds. As soon as you acquire the funds, house renovation work will start.


Looking for Commercial Unit Rennovations?

Besides house renovation and maintenance loans, we have a limited number of applications available for office renovations. You can get a maximum of $100,000 loan to renovate and upgrade your commercial unit.

Contact Us and Get Up to $100,000 Loan for Commercial Unit Renovations.

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